5 Tips on posting AMAZING content EVERY day!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

How to post AMAZING content EVERY day! Even when you don't feel inspired at all.

I have to tell, even though I am a Social Media "Expert" and have been a marketing lecturer for the past 6 years I still constantly struggle with this.

I am not always in the mood to do the work, and do everything correct to a "T". Do you know what is the amazing thing? It is your platforms and no one can judge you for what you do or don't do.

Some days I post 10 things in one day, some days I prepare and do content for the whole month, other days I have NO motivation WHAT SO EVER. Like today! You know what; waiting for motivation is bullshit and won't get you anywhere.

That moment you feel the inclination to do something, do it. Count down from 5 and when you get to 0 get your butt off the chair and do it, or something, anything that is related to your end goal. Because motivation won't get you there, CONSISTENCY will!

My 5 Tips for keeping your Social Media presence CONSTANT

(even when you don't feel like it):

1. When you do work, work hard and work SMART

When I work on content for my clients and my business, I focus on what I will be doing for the whole month. Making sure that I have at least 1 piece of content per day. It can be a motivational quote, an industry joke, a blog, or even a news article but with a unique post text. Some people say do one day at a time, but I have found it takes longer short term but quicker long term and easier to start with the whole month all at once. Then you are committed, it is either all the content or nothing. (you don't have to complete it all in 1 day) see my blog with exactly how I plan and workout my content for the month.

2. Project Plan your business like you would a client's business.

I use the project management tool, Monday.com. There are thousands of tools/platforms, but I like this one as it has integrations and automation's and is SUPER colourful. I can also include my clients and freelancers on different projects. I also have the app on my phone. This makes it easy for writing notes on the go.

With this, I create a task and set deadlines. This means that I hold myself accountable to complete certain tasks by a certain time. I also have a constant board with "Content ideas". Every time I read an article, I have an idea for a blog or see an image I think my audience would like I add it on there, meaning that next month when I am scheduling my content I already have LOADS of content. I also make sure to write my post text whenever I have good inspiration. It is social media and your content needs to be exactly that SOCIAL. So keep it light but always add value. So to prevent generic post text I write this when I do have inspiration and do a few at a time and spreading it out for the month.

3. Get someone who will hold you accountable.

If a project management tool is not enough (it is not the case for me), get a person, a friend, a colleague, a spouse or pay someone like a virtual assistant. Make sure you set up a weekly meeting, coffee date or call, but it needs to be regular and a set time. Otherwise, you will not stick to it. Have them ask you about a certain task or your future plans.

Sometimes you don't see the resources you have available to you. Try reaching out to friends, students or family who want to learn more about your business or industry. You pay them and maybe start at 2 hours a week, for their services but you dedicate to teach them what you do and how you do it, and in return, they help you with the basic work and hold you accountable to complete your work in time. Working with someone will also inspire you to build better content as subconsciously you always aim to improve and be better than the people around you, so choose this person very carefully.

4. Do at least 1 thing a day that is aimed towards your bigger goal.

No matter how small, do 1 thing that contributes to your goal. If your goal is to grow your website visits, write 1 blog post that can be posted to your site, or even smaller, write down possible things you COULD do in the future to grow your website visits. (like 1. write a blog post 2. interview client 3. post industry articles)

I do this on my Project Management tool, that way I always keep track even 2 months down the line. This is great for those days when you don't know what to do, just chose one of your already mentioned topics/tasks and work from there. This means I will still get amazing content because when I wrote it I felt inspired.

5. Schedule all your content for the month.

This way you will find yourself with at least 1 piece of content a day, you will find motivation every time you log on and see some of your content. You will now have opened up your month to focus on next month's content as well as interesting things that happen on a day to day basis. You can also focus on bigger projects, like interviewing clients, business partners and writing content.

What are some of your magic tricks to stay constant even when you are a lazybones?


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