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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I have been doing marketing for almost 10 years. I have to say whenever I meet a new client for the first time, this is always on the agenda during the very first meeting. Why? Because it is that important and you should seriously spend more time on this.

Most businesses think they know their audience, do they know their audience as well as they know their best friend? They should! Persona Profiling is taking your audience to the next level.

Identifying your audience persona is VITAL to have a successful thriving business. I have dealt with quite a few clients, and students over my years, and to this day, I believe almost all marketing problems can be solved by starting with your audience and creating a personal profile.


Your company is Organix, you sell organic shampoo.

Who is your audience?

You would probably say, Male and Female, age 30 - 50.

Some people might even go as far as saying that everyone that uses shampoo.

This might be the people using your product.

When people are asked to identify their audience they tend to want to include everyone and then some. You do NOT need to do that. You will only waste valuable resources on people who won't buy your product. They might use it but they won't necessarily be looking for it and go out and buy it.

But who will you market to? The people that buy and want your product. Your ABSOLUTE ideal customers.

Have a look at your audience above, get the two extreme data points. In this case, it would be Male 30 and Female 50.

You need to keep in mind that marketing to a 30-year-old male will be very different from marketing to a 50-year-old female, and marketing is all about getting into the mind of your consumer.

Building a Persona Profile is the best way to do that.

Here is an example.

Eg. Sara is 40 years old. She has a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. She works part-time as a community manager at the community center. Sara is married to a lovely man, named John. After her first child was born, Sara realised that it is very important to be careful with what we put into our bodies. About 8 years ago Sara has slowly started buying everything organic and she tries to reduce her plastic consumption.

Sara likes going to the movies in her spare time and run's 5km's 3 times a week. She does school drop off's and pickups as her husband works far from home.

This is Persona 1. The average company has between 2 -5 personas. Thus giving you the opportunity to include all ideal customers.

Why is all of this information important? This will give you a name to put to the face. Someone to envision when you create ads and any form of content. Before posting anything ask yourself; "Would Sara like this?" "What is Sara doing at this moment?"

This is how you get into the minds of your audience. This will help you create jokes that your audience with resonate with and the information they want to read.

I know you will see the benefits from really focusing on the individuals instead of looking for more followers and more likes.

Give it a try!

Let me know if you need any help or advice!



Ps. If you want some insider tips; You've got it. Click here to download my free "Know your Audience" Worksheet to help you identify YOUR audience personas. I promise you this is GOLD!

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