Why Should I hire a freelancer?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Life has become so very complicated. From radio, to cellphones, to television to computers to Internet to Wi-Fi to fiber to freelancing becoming an actual job title. I do believe it sounds more complicated than it is. Moving from working with a firm to working with an individual freelancer is a good thing. This places the power in the hands of the employer but also back in the hands of the employee. Everybody wins.

Here are 5 simple reasons to rather hire a freelancer:

1. Cheaper

They are cheaper that hiring a firm. This is easy to understand as they have less overheads, no office space, or any of the other costs that add up really quickly. You don’t have to worry about their pension fund or medical insurance. If they are sick you don’t have to give them sick leave or pay for it.

2. What you see is what you get.

You get to see the work of the actual person that would be working on your account, your business. This will be the person you liaise with. You will not be paying a massive amount of money for a world class company and getting the rookie that started 3 months ago. If you are happy to give the rookie a chance and pay less for someone with less experience then you do that and if you want an expert and are willing to pay for a more experienced person with a large, impressive portfolio then you do that. What every works for your budget.

3. Flexible and eager

They work with your schedule and normally won’t mind coming and see you when you are free. Freelancers take on as much work as they can handle, if they can’t handle anymore, they say no. This is different from a traditional company loading their employees with a large workload and they have to cope with it.

4. Very knowledgeable

Freelancers are normally individuals that have already worked in corporate, they have the understanding of that business and how they graft. By the time you have enough confidence to do this on your own you already know how to talk the talk and walk the walk. On the other side of the coin, it is a lot of the time people who left the market and decided to re-enter on their own terms. Mother are a very good example, they have the knowledge, education and experience but they want to work on their terms, not that of a corporate company. It doesn’t make them any less knowledgeable

5. You are supporting a small business owner

There is a large deal that goes into beginning to freelance and basically opening your own business. Freelancing has become a stepping stone for eager minds that want to build clients and earn their own money but start small enough to build their business. Support them. They will generally work twice as hard and twice as long. We know that you only get what you put in.

Put your money on the lone wolf. Most of the time they have a wealth of knowledge to share with world, at a fraction of the cost. Win-Win right?

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