Know your audience:

A guide to perfecting your target market

You will learn the secrets to nailing digital marketing to identify your audience, create the perfect persona & position your service to sell. You will work away with clarity to position your business to get more paying clients. 


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Know your Audience 2- hour Workshop: 7th of May 2020

  • If you feel frustrated, and struggling to increase your client base, you are at the right place. I have been where you are, right now.

    You have identified your target audience and you market your products and services specifically for them, but still they don’t convert. 

    This 2-hour workshop will change the way you think about your clients. It will give you an unfair advantage to how they think and make decisions, which will help you give them what they want but also what they need.

    Join me in this workshop to learn what it takes to truly get in the minds of your audience.

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